2014 Halfway Point

Of the 97 books I’ve read so far this year, 66 were by women, and 47 have female protagonists (something like six or seven were books of poetry or others that don’t have protagonists). On the one hand, that’s twice the number of books by men, but on the other hand, I’ve lost some of the lead I had earlier in the year. I want to get that back. I’ll have to start paying attention to those picture books, because it looks like they’re the main culprit. I also read three Terry Pratchett books, and the Harry Potter series—while all at least written by a woman—really bring down the female protagonist number. Have you noticed that, by the way? How relatively few books have female protagonists? Even with two-thirds of the books I’ve read this year having been written by women, barely half are about them. I find that sad.


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