Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins

Two and a half stars, maybe, read in 2010.

I did not like this as much as I did the first two books. I still enjoyed reading it and was reluctant to put it down for things like work, food, and sleep. But I was supremely disappointed in the ending.

Massive spoiler alert for everything that comes after this sentence.

Prim. Finnick. Lots of other smaller characters that we like… They all  die. Why was there so little closure for their deaths?? When I read that Finnick had died, I actually went back to make sure it had really happened, because he was passed over so quickly—I figured that for a character with such importance in this book, his death would have received a bit more attention. No such luck.

I am also not happy with the resolution of the Gale/Peeta situation. It’s nice that Peeta didn’t get killed off, which is what I had been thinking would have to happen, but for him to end up with Katniss just didn’t feel right to me. It was like Katniss said, “Hey, we had this relationship, and even though most of it was pretend, since it turns out that we’re both still alive and you’re not crazy anymore, and Gale is obviously out of the picture . . . Why not?” I can understand her not ending up with Gale—in fact, the better ending I imagined was that she wouldn’t end up with either of them and we’d never know if she married. But Peeta makes no sense to me.

Finally, I was disappointed about the vote for a last Game involving the children of the Capitol. I couldn’t believe Katniss would vote in favor of it; I was solidly in Peeta’s camp on that one. Their victory, after the agony and struggle of the war, is diminished to me by a choice that puts them in the position of the oppressors. That was pretty appalling.


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