I don’t think I can put it off much longer…

I need to reread Harry Potter. I spent entirely too long tonight looking at these ridiculous photos; most of them are just screen shots of people’s Pottermore letters, but there were a few that absolutely killed me. Seriously, I almost choked myself trying to keep from waking Mike up with my laughter.

Anyway. The point is, those photos—and knowing two people who are just now reading HP for the first time ever (!!)—are making me want to pick them up myself. The thing is, though, I have a queue of books to read on the shelf above my side of the bed. I actually shelved them in the order in which I planned to read them and everything. And there are eighteen books, excluding the two I’m already reading. But I’m probably going to do it anyway. I may make it through another couple before I do it, but sooner than later, I’m thinking that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is getting bumped to the front of the line.


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