Landline, by Rainbow Rowell


Two stars, read in May 2014.

This may even be one star, I don’t know. I was all set to love it after Fangirl and Eleanor and Park, but it was really just okay.

I hated how it was written like someone’s blog, so ridiculously colloquial and in a very 2010s-internet-humor kind of way. (Short sentences. Followed by sentence fragments. And consecutive parentheses.)(So many things set in parentheses that didn’t need to be.) It certainly didn’t help that Georgie is one of those women who think that nice guys are boring, that you need to get the jerk guys to like you because that’s how you know you’re good (actual almost direct quote).

And it didn’t help that Neal is one of those men everyone’s in love with now, the moody grump who sulks and frowns all the time, but it’s okay because the woman who loves him can tell that he’s smiling even when he never ever does. He “huffs a smile into her ear,” whatever the hell that means. Look, modern writers, I can handle this nonsense from the Bronte sisters. You are not the Bronte sisters, and this horse has been beaten into the ground.

I was honestly annoyed from the beginning, and I was annoyed about being annoyed, because this is a book I wanted to like. I might still read Attachments someday, but with much lower expectations now.

This is officially the book that knocked me out of love with Rainbow Rowell.


One thought on “Landline, by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I finished it yesterday, 0 or 1 stars for this book for me…ugh it reads like it’s written by a teenager. She should stick to ya writing, and not go into adult writing. My opinion anyways.

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