Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut

Four stars, read in February 2011.

As it turns out, I like Kurt Vonnegut.

Breakfast of Champions is about Kilgore Trout, an obscure (and made-up) science fiction writer who appears in a lot of Vonnegut’s books, and an insane man named Dwayne Hoover. Kilgore Trout has written a book in the form of a letter from the Creator of the Universe to the reader, and what the letter says is that the reader is the only human on the planet, and everyone else is a robot. Dwayne Hoover reads the book and believes it, because he is insane.

I don’t feel like I can do justice to Kurt Vonnegut’s writing right now, but if you’ve read any of his books, you know why I like him. He’s a social satirist with a dark sense of humor, an artistic style, and a bluntness that is fantastically refreshing. I liked Slaughterhouse-Five a lot, and I’m glad I have Cat’s Cradle on the shelf to pick up next.


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