I have never been a real book blogger the way many of you are. I’ve always written about books because they are the single biggest influence in my life, and I have a terrible memory so I actually need to write down my thoughts in order to remember the book later. But mostly, I started this blog while working at an emotionally and mentally crushing job. I wrote every single day, usually for several hours, whether or not I actually published it. I created a false backlog, transferring reviews over from my old blogwanting to collect them all in the same place, but also just needing more content to occupy me at work.

I finally left that job three months ago, and since then, I’ve had a hard time posting here as often as I would like to. I don’t need it as a desperate emotional crutch, and I’ve already gone through my backlog of books that needed to be reviewed.

I used to have a blog, one I started back in college. I wrote there for seven years, largely about random nonsense, but also about politics and religion as I started working through what I believed about both. I stopped writing there about two years ago, then started my book blog about a year ago, but lately I’ve been missing that broader outletso I’m starting a new blog in addition to this one. I make no promises regarding content (most likely we’ll end up with random nonsense again), but you’re welcome to join me over there as well!


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