Characters I’d Name a Pet or Child After

I always used to tell Mike that when we got a pet, it could be a cat under the exclusive condition that I be allowed to name him Mr. Tumnus, from The Chronicles of Narnia. (This was before I learned that, contrary to my upbringing, I am actually a cat person rather than a dog person, so I was thinking I would be humoring him.)

A couple years ago we did get a cat, but because she is female and Mike is sexist, he insisted we go with a “girl” name. I really wanted Galadriel or Eowyn, but Mike convinced me to go with Bellatrix, and that was fair because Bellatrix Lestrange (especially as played by Helena Bonham-Carter) is one of my favorite villains.

However. Next time, I get to pick the name. And if it’s not Mr. Tumnus, it will probably be someone from The Lord of the Rings—because have you noticed that they are basically all spectacular names for pets? Galadriel, Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, Gimli, Gollum? And if there were two, they could be Boromir and Faramir, or Frodo and Sam, or Gandalf and Radagast, or Loki and Thor (okay I got carried away). It would be so cute.

Now that I’m thinking about it, though, I think Eowyn and Arwen are too beautiful to be pet names—but I would absolutely use them if I were going to have daughters. We’ve decided now that we’re not going to have children, but back when we were still considering it, almost the only name we could agree on was Ender for a boy (from Ender’s Game). I actually knew an Ender when I worked at a day care several years ago, and not only was he one of my favorite kids, I just thought the name was lovely. Can you imagine those two, Ender and Eowyn? Wouldn’t they be gorgeous together?

Alas, I probably won’t get to use those names, unless I do decide they can work for a pet. But it’s okay, because there are too many great names to use anyway, and I will always have plenty of literary references to choose from.

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