24-Hour Readathon

There’s one tomorrow, and for once I found out in time, so I think I’m going to try it! I’m trying  to put together a TBR now, to get ready. First I’ll want to finish these two books that I’m almost halfway through (and really enjoying, so this push to finish will give me a great feeling of accomplishment to start out with):

I just found out about it an hour or so ago and I’m still at work, so I’m mostly putting this together to help me get started. These are the books I have at home on my shelf, including They May Not Mean To, But They Do on audio checked out from Overdrive. I want some variety so I don’t just sit on the couch the whole day; I’m thinking of going to the library for part of it, and taking a walk with my headphones to switch things up. When I get home tonight, I’ll have to look through these books and try to narrow it down, not to mention doing a little research on readathons and getting some advice . . . I’ve never done one before, and I need to know what I’m getting into!

I’m pretty excited. Have you ever done a readathon/are you participating in this one? Any advice?


2 thoughts on “24-Hour Readathon

  1. That’s a nice variety of books. Lots of nonfiction too. Nonfiction November is coming up, if you’re interested in that. It’s a reading event created by a vlogger on YouTube.


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