Mara, by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle


Three stars, I think? Read in October 2016.

I probably shouldn’t even write a review of this because I do not in any way have a solid grasp of what is going on, but there is a lot that is great about it, and I guess I want to remember that. It’s a confusing combination of awesome and what the fuck is going on, with your usual dose of vague sexism throughout (mostly through sexualized visuals of the female characters, if I remember correctly; I should definitely have been more specific about that right when I finished reading).

The narration is sporadic and hard to follow, the plot is bizarre, but the artwork is great. Mara is powerful and angry and not taking anyone’s shit, literally anyone on the planet. I love her. I have very little idea what is actually happening in this book, but I do love Mara. I hope there is going to be more, because I would in fact like to find out what the story is.


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