Books I Read Because I Liked the Covers

A really great cover is guaranteed to make me pick up a book to see what it’s about, and I have gone on to read a lot of wonderful books that way. This is, of course, contingent upon my reading the description and not being turned right back off to it—which does happen, and I’ve actually been planning to write a post about books whose covers are so fabulous I really wish I wanted to read them.

These are some books I picked up specifically because I liked the covers:

I haven’t read Postcapitalism yet, and I got sidetracked halfway through Ody-C. But with only one exception, I liked or loved all the other books; in fact, six of them are now among my very favorites. So I think we’ve established that the old cliche requires some qualifications—sometimes judging a book by its cover really pays off.


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5 thoughts on “Books I Read Because I Liked the Covers

    1. If you’re intrigued by the cover, I think you’ll really like the comic. Nimona and Lord Ballister Blackheart (the one with dark hair) in particular are really great characters.


    1. It gets even better, Lory – the cover has a beautiful soft texture to it, too. I absolutely loved the story and got very emotionally invested in the characters.

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