Series I’ve Yet to Start

Surprise! They’re all fantasy. Because I love fantasy, but god, those giant tomes are daunting.

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2 thoughts on “Series I’ve Yet to Start

  1. I’ve had the Robin Hobb books recommended to me, but other books jump the queue. I started the C J Sansom Shardlake series (not fantasy, I know), and really enjoyed the first two, but have yet to go back to it. Sometimes it feels like too much of a commitment, starting a series knowing that there are lots of chunky volumes ahead.

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    1. It really does. My brother pestered me for at least a year or two before I finally started the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series by Tad Williams, and I made it through the first two before needing a breakā€”but now it’s been so long that I’ll probably have to reread the first two before I can pick up the third, or I won’t remember anything that’s going on. If I start a series, I generally have to know that I’ll have time/the level of interest needed to finish it.

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